Medway Medical protocols

Medway Medical protocols for new instructions are designed to be simple, effective, transparent and efficient. As a point of reference a simplified version of what you can expect when you instruct Medway Medical is included below.

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Upon receipt of a new instruction Medway Medical will work to the following template keeping you and your claimants informed throughout the process.

Appointment Booking

Step 01

“New instruction” logged

Within 24 Hours from instruction

Step 02

Appointment booking

Within 24 Hours from instruction

Step 03

Confirmation of examination

Within 24 hours of booking the appointment

Step 04

Appointment reminder

48 hours prior to appointment

Following Consultation

Step 05

Preparation and submission of the report by assigned Medical Expert

Within 7 working days of the consultation

Step 06

Quality control and compliance checks including fact check

Immediately after

Step 07

Report distribution to instructing party including copy of invoice

Immediately following compliance check pass