Medway Medical

We are a Medico-Legal agency that provides reports for solicitors, individuals and regulated claims management companies.

We have a database of medical experts, ranging from GP’s, senior A&E registrars, consultants to pediatricians, all with years of experience in writing Medico-Legal reports.

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Our Experts

We pride ourselves on the quality of our sizeable panel of medical professionals including GP’s, physiotherapists, paediatricians, A&E registrars and consultants based in various locations across the UK.

Why Medway Medical

Our robust processes and focused team are geared to deliver the highest quality outputs in the shortest possible timeframes. On-going reviews and iterative adjustments mean Medway Medical sets the standards for the Medico-Legal reporting industry.
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Quality assurance

A two tier medical report audit process and independent review of medical experts helps Medway Medical maintain the highest levels of quality on each and every single one of the instructions we are entrusted with.

Clear SLA’s

SLAs are set to be beaten not simply adhered to and whereever possible, Medway Medical aims to deliver completed reports within 7 working days from the appointment date, but never at the price of quality.
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Customer Focus

We will achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding what our customers need and delivering it flawlessly

What Our Customers say About Medway Medical